Creating Kalwa: Reviving the Concept.

After high school, Kalwa was mostly just sitting in limbo for several years along with several other projects that had been done in high school. During my early college years, I was more into animation than I was comics and worked on a series of mini animations. Through my work in animation I had gotten a lot of practice with story writing, namely working with animations on a much smaller scale. I had also done some fan fiction writing on the MLP fans tie, of which I would also read over still pictures on a youtube channel I had started back in 2015.

First full body image of Kalwa with her trademark hoodie

Shortly before graduating college I had dug up some of my old sketches from High School and had the idea of reviving Kalwa and finally making her story a reality. I had also decided to make her story longer and broader than the original concept, instead of putting her on a quest to get home, a plot line that would become rather redundant quite fast, it was instead decided that she would instead be able to come home at anytime she wanted and embark on adventures on her own accord, which would thus allow for a much broader storyline. In addition, I decided that this story would be an ongoing narrative that would take the protagonist through various adventures and arches, as I had worked with smaller stories before, I wanted to write an ongoing story with this project. What I overall wanted to do with Kalwa is be able to do everything I wanted to do with her before I hung her up for good.

Recognizing the difficulty and time it would take to create such a story through animation, I had ultimately decided to do this story as a comic book, which ironically turned out to be just as much if not more work than animation itself. Also the original beginning of Kalwa had some trouble getting itself set up, deciding which path to take and how. Troubled by this early issue, I enlisted the help of my friend Ryan, who currently serves as the co-writer, as he had been studying and practicing to be a writer himself. Ryan acts as an idea man and writing police for me, addressing what may sound cliche and what may or may not work. So in 2014, we officially began work on the newly revived Kalwa. This officially concludes the “past tense” of Kalwa and all connections to the past. From here on out, all creating pages will be about the current comic of Kalwa and our journey while making it.

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