Chapter 19 COMPLETE!!!

After many months, chapter 19 is officially finished, and thus the whitechappel arch is also concluded. Big thanks to those who have been reading along, and for those who haven’t, you can now read the ENTIRE CHAPTER on this website by clicking the thumbnail below. Stick around because next chapter, Kalwa will have to pick up the pieces of what remains…

New Pages for chapter 19!!!!

Had a bit of a night on Tuesday and didn’t get page 20 uploaded to the site. But it’s now up along with page 21, only four pages left to go before this story arch concludes. Click the thumbnail and see what horrors await our heroine.

Chapter 19 UPDATE

I haven’t quite worked out a post schedule due to the page getting updated virtually everyday. But Chapter 19 is now up to page 16, check it out on the thumbnail below.