Creating Kalwa: The Heroine

The first sketch of Kalwa first drawn back in 2004

As mentioned in the brief introduction, Kalwa was the fourth comic title I had developed in during my middle and high school years and was the first title I created to feature a girl in the lead role. It was also the first one of my manga comics to take place in land outside of Japan or America.

Not wanting to write a female character that I would find difficult to write, I decided to instead make Kalwa a tomboy who wasn’t into the typical activities the other girls around her were into. Instead she was into video games, action movies, and more of the type of material that boys (at my age then) would be into.

Unlike the version today, Kalwa was originally written as a social outcast, who was actually ashamed of her interest. She was also much more emotional and quiet as opposed to the much more outgoing version in we see today. One written scene involved her breaking down and crying on her bed due to being alienated by the other girls at school.

Instead of a cell phone, Kalwa had a time traveling watch, which was heavily damaged at the beginning of the story.

This left her incapable of returning home and thus the entire plot of the story was her embarking on a perilous quest through time to find the missing pieces of watch in order to return home. Each time she would find a piece of the watch, it would make her watch more powerful and thus allow her to move further ahead in time. Her initial journey began from the time of the cavemen and thus she would work her way back to the present.

Somewhat similar to today’s comic (but not quite the same), Kalwa did not have a steady party of allies. Instead she traveled alone and would be joined by a new cast of characters in each era she visited, similar to shows like Samurai Jack in which the main hero and main villain are the only characters to consistently appear throughout the show.

Much like the character today, Kalwa would often times change her attire based on which eras she visited. Many of the eras originally planned in the original comic do appear (or will appear) in the comic today.

Various mini sketches of Kalwa’s various costumes first drawn back in 2004