Creating Kalwa: Early Pages

The original Kalwa story was never actually published in comic book form, rather it was comprised of several summary plans for the initial story. However, while there never was an official comic book, several early pages were made, mostly as samples to show what the story would be like.

Original page from an early submission to Tokyopop ,

Initially all pages were done in high school around the time I was writing Kalwa along with other stories I had been writing at the time. Back then I did not a computer or the software that is used in today’s comic.

Instead everything was done purely by digital, the comics were inked and with traditional markers, including sharpies which would sometimes bleed through. My initial working quarters would basically be a couch and an unused wooden shelf that would serve as a drawing board, and it was littered with bled through ink.

The shading was all done by number 2 pencil, by which they were scribbled all over to create a shading. Colored material were done via prisma colored pencils. The text was actually typed on an different piece paper, usually put in a list format of all the balloons formatted. This text would then be cut out of the paper and glued onto the page in the shape of the balloon it was supposed to be. This procedure continued until I received my first Manga Studios program, in which everything was switched to digital.