Page of the Day!

Kalwa fights David. This was kinda a breakthrough page, it’s was supposed to have more panels signaling out the actions individually. But I got some feedback saying to use less panels to make the page and visual narration flow better (as well as save some drawing energy), this resulting in what you see today!


So I know it’s really been quiet since chapter 22 ended, and I simply wanted to give everyone an update on what’s going on lately. I admit that I haven’t been the most active, which usually happens after finishing a chapter. The fact is I’m working on 26 pages per chapter and when I ultimately finish the chapter I kinda go into retreat, usually taking up other tasks and activities. Usually toy collecting and other items tends to kinda block me out and I get into kinda a routine that makes it hard for me to get back. Fact of the manner is, my life usually revolved around going from point A (Home) to point B (Work) and really nothing else, even though I love working on my art and Kalwa I long to kind get a change of routine so my life isn’t so black and white. Unfortunately this year with COVID-19 everywhere, that’s honestly a rather tall order to ask as I can’t really go anywhere or do much exciting stuff, so at times I kinda get depressed and tend to want a change in routine.

I don’t mean to really whine to anyone, I’m just letting everyone know that 2020 has been a very rough year, not just for me or for anyone. I really wanted to go out and attend cons and really make a serious effort to try and sell my work, and it’s all been ruined thanks to this virus. Still I am grateful to at least have a nice place to stay and plenty of things to keep me entertained during this tough time, even though I am coming down with some serious cabin fever. Regardless, sooner or later I just have to work my way back and it takes me some time to find a project that I’m passionate about working on. For me, just doing a great drawing for Kalwa can usually rock me back into the mood of writing. So as a such, this post is to give you all an update on what’s going on right now.

The Next Chapter

Yes, I am working on writing it. However the next chapter is actually the first chapter in a six part saga. Before I write the script, I need to write the general synopsis for not just the next chapter but the saga as a whole as well. Though I have the general plot all figured out, it’s the finer details that are stumbling me. Fortunately I’m rather obsessed with my work and keep thinking about till it’s done. The ideas are coming, but I don’t know when I’ll have it all worked out. This week in particular is rather busy at work, hopefully next week will give me a bit more time to think and plan things out. I’ll keep giving updates on the chapter as I work on it.


Now onto another matter worth discussing. So last week on Toonami, they showed the Naruto Road to Ninja prelude, which featured the cast visiting a bathhouse as friends. That kinda got the creative juices flowing and I’m actually working on a piece with (a majority of) the Kalwa cast in a bathhouse, kinda like a celebration of how fart the comic has come. This piece is actually mean to be like the large splash panels shown in manga magazines like Shonen Jump, where all the characters are doing their own thing. So look for that in the near future, it’s on the top of my list of things to do! In the meantime, here’s a little WIP preview of what’s to come.


So in closing, I just want to thank all the fans out there who visit the site and keep up with our updates. I know this year has been hard for everyone, not just myself. So I’m happy to provide some entertainment to those who need at. As usual, stay safe and that’s for being so awesome!!!

My Hero Acadamia Kalwa

And so we come down to this, the final entry in the Kalwa in anime piece. This is one is Kalwa if she was a character in the anime My Hero Acadamia, her hero name would be the Warping Hero: Time Gal. Her “quirk” would be she’d be able to to teleport not just from location to location, but also through time as well, making her one of the stronger characters in the universe. On her arm guards are two clubs that are attached via wire and deploy blades to aid in whatever situation she needs. These clubs can also detach from the wire and combine together to form a steel naginata. Anyway, hope everyone has enjoyed this Kalwa in Anime series as much as I’ve had making it.

Chapter 23 Cover!

So these past few days I’ve been working on the cover to chapter 23. I discussed in a previous post about how I feel about my covers and I wanted to focus on this with any real deadline. I don’t have an exact estimate on when this chapter will debut, I haven’t written the script yet but do have the story planned out, so stick around for updates. I will begin working very soon though, in the meantime enjoy the covers!

Quiet Time

So ever since chapter 22 ended it’s been a little quiet around the site. Yes I have actually kinda got into some other parts of life and have been doing a lot of re-organizing around the room! I haven’t started working on the next arch but do have a cover going. In the next few days I will be giving a bit of behind the scenes blogs and show you all my work space and a bit more of what goes on behind the scenes. So be on the lookout in the next few days about what’s coming!