Page of the Day!

A call back to chapter 4. This was really the first time staging a real action scene and need for coordinated movement. Rachel’s whip in particular was a unique experiment to play with drawing it in various positions and trying to draw in ways that could feel natural. I seriously don’t have that many comics where people use whips (or at least I didn’t back then) so a good portion of the portions came from either videos about whips or imagination.

Page Update!

Kalwa hasn’t fully made her final decision just yet, but she’s getting a new ally for her upcoming travels. That’s right Zack is looking to become her permanent traveling partner from now on. Check it all out right now by clicking the thumbnail down below!

Page of the Day!

I’ve mentioned on various occasions that chapter 11 was essentially “love project” of pouring my love and fantasies of dinosaurs. This was a primary example. Most people would prefer to pet a Triceratops or some other herbivore dinosaur, no people like myself and Kalwa prefer to pet the cool dinosaurs like the raptors. So what if they rip off the arms or devour the body, we still want to pet them because they are so cute!

Soul Reaper Kalwa

So I kinda got a bit away from the Kalwa in anime series, but I’m finally getting back to finishing it. First I did Dr. Stone, then Naruto and then One Piece. Now we come to Bleach, featuring Kalwa with her very own Zanbato and a bit of a badass attitude. We just got one more in this series which I will get to shortly.

New Page Up Today!!

Got this one up a little late because I got occupied working on another Kalwa project that you will see shortly. This was actually finished earlier but I had to get back to review it. Click the link below and read the latest page today!

Page of the Day!

This emotional page from chapter 14. I’ve really credited this page as being a major turn around for the story as this is the first page in the series where we see Kalwa emotionally break down in tears. The second to last panel was the major vocal point which was a vitally important part of the page. I think when drawing it there were about three versions of this particular pattern before settling on the finished one.

Page of the Day!

One of my favorite pages from chapter 19, thus was the big page that revealed Victor in full light as the Whitechappel murder (or at least one of them). I put so much effort into the first panel as I wanted it to look freighting and intimidating given the huge role Victor would be playing in this arch and the future.

Page Preview

The next page fro chapter 22 will be up on Wednesday. It’s actually done but I gotta work my day job today and can’t really inspect it throughly before leaving. So I leave you all with this preview of what’s in store tomorrow, and yes the finished page will have unburied text XD.