Chapter 22 Update

I know it’s late, I had to work today and do some final updates. But here is the second to last page of chapter 22. Final page will be up later this week as we wrap up this chapter. As usual, click the thumbnail below and check out the latest page!

Illustration of the day!

This was just a little small project I did shortly after chapter 19 when Kalwa got her hair cut. I seriously love drawing swimsuit girls and drawings with water and all the effects that go with it. I had also drawn Kalwa once before in a two piece swimsuit, so I decided to draw this as a way to let viewers know this haircut was gonna stick around!


Page preview…

It’s been a pretty busy week for me. It’ really hard to work on these pages when you get off at 7 pm and then gotta eat dinner and unwind after the long day. However I am still working, and we will have new pages very soon. Here’s actually a little preview of the very next page which I plan on inking more of when I get home from work tonight! You can expect to see this completed page sometime this weekend and the final page of chapter 22 next week.

Graphic Novel Collection

So I thought I would show off something a little different today as it’s a project I’ve worked on for quite a while. This is my graphic novel library which has essentially been completed at last. I’ve had several of these books for quite some time, once I moved to my new house I started expanding in a way I always wanted.

Last summer was all about Marvel, this summer was about DC comics and now it’s all complete. Those top three shelves on the left is my manga section which is practically dominated by the entire series of Naruto. Truth be told even though I draw mostly in a manga style, I actually don’t read much manga mostly due to the large amount of volumes and space, I do however watch more anime than read manga. I mostly read superhero comics but do indulge in other stories such as Fathom, W.I.T.C.H., and Sonic the Hedgehog, also the Mirage Studios TMNT are a constant inspiration to me given the comics backstory. Otherwise a lot of my ideas come from TV and movies.

That’s not to say that other comics don’t inspire my work. I usually try to read during down time to try to inspire myself and learn various techniques to better my work, as well as taking notes from people I find around the internet. So you can see right here a piece of my studio on full display!

Chapter 22 Update

So Kalwa has somewhat hesitantly agreed to help this group of people, but she’s still scared about dealing with someone more powerful than she is. Well this group does have a solution for that, find out what it is right now by clicking the thumbnail below!

Page of the Day!

You know the old saying never step on a snake? Well here’s an answer as to why. This page was somehow a real treat to draw mainly because of the final panel where the snake lunges. I actually did have a reference image of a snake on my computer with its mouth opened up and was basically copying right from it. Somehow I feel it came out looking perfect and I’m really not an expert at drawing animals!

From the Sketch Book: Kalwa

A few new sketches from sketchbook, these were a few practices/ drafts for Kalwa. The first one was just some sketching done during the Western Arch. Shortly after getting into that arch my co-writer and I attended our first convention, and shortly after that another one. So the sketches you see here are actually drafts of a card that we handed out at the second con which had a QR code that would link people directly to website. I think the real challenge with this particular one was getting the hat to look dynamic and cool.

The second drawing was really more of an exercise, I think it came shortly after I switched eye styles from the old all rounded to a tiny pupil with highlight. It was mainly a practice just to kinda get her facials and expressions down with the new eye style. I should also note that in these sketches (and the actual comic) she had THREE bangs exclusively on the left side of her head. This was a design that I kept up until just recently, it’s since been dropped for giving her a consistent two bangs on each side of her head. The reason is because I had a lot of trouble keeping the bangs in uniform and able to fit properly on her head, the usually came out cramped or just unrealistic. Also it got really annoying having to constantly remember which side had more bangs and what didn’t. These are lessons you only get from consistent comic work.

Illustration of the Day!

This was the first of the Kalwa Anime crossover, featuring Kalwa in the Dr. Stone world. The idea just came to me while I was drawing Kohaku from the show (seen on the green raptor site) about how Kalwa would look if she ever crossed over her and thus began this crossover series that I’m currently working to finish. Also it was real fun drawing Kalwa in cave woman garbs.

Stone World Kalwa


So I’m just giving you all an update on what’s coming up and what’s going on right now. For those who have been reading chapter 22, you know now that we’ve reached page 23, that means we only have three pages left for the chapter. I’m putting that on the front burner and we are looking to complete the chapter next week hopefully. I’ve been getting a bit swamped with many hours at my day job and that has slowed a little progress, but I’m still committed to my comic and illustration work and above all this comic. If the final three pages don’t all come next week you can get they will all be out by the next week.

To further announce what’s going to happen, the comic will take a small break after chapter 22. The next story will be a big six part story arch and before I can write the script I have to write the general arch. I used to start writing near the end of the current chapter I’m working on, but now I just save it for after it’s done because it weighed me down. This method allows me to focus purely on story and not get overwhelmed with too many tasks. So while that is going on there will be a brief break in page updates only for a few weeks. During that time expect to see new illustrations and updates to my other comic Amber Worlds Greatest Mer-Thief on the Green Raptor site.

News on actual publication, it’s still coming. The art updates are finished I’m just getting back dialogue from my co-writer. We were going to publish it hard copy and still intend to, but with Covid-19 and the current economic issues, those plans have been halted for now. We will try to publish hard copy possibly next year, but in the meantime digital will be our primary distribution hopefully near the end of the year.

Finally I wanted to thank everyone whose been visiting the site lately. I notice that traffic is up and likes are up too. It really means a lot know people are reading and liking the work me and my co-writer are doing. It’s a real great spirit lifter. So thank you all for reading, we hope you continue and stay safe out there!