Johnathan and Adrian Sketch

So today I’m posting the sketch work to two characters who played only a bit role in the Whitechapel arch. Adrian is off course the bum who kinda attacked Kalwa when she refused to give him money and wound up getting beat up by the police. Really Adrian played his part there was really nothing else for him to do really.

Johnathan on the other hand was a character that I actually didn’t get to develop as much as I wanted. Johnathan was really meant to be an obvious player that readers were supposed to instantly affiliate with the being the killer. It’s pretty common in mystery murders for the least obvious person to be the actual killer, it’s almost entirely obvious. So not wanting people to catch onto who our real suspect I actually put Johnathan in there as a way for the reader to lock on and instantly suspect him. I even set up a fake clue in the way he clumsy bumps his elbow on the lamp post which is the same way the killer bumps his elbow in the very next chapter.

However as I said earlier there is an entire character to Johnathan I was unable to portray on screen due to page limits and a need to tell the rest of the story. Initially there would’ve been more clues pointing to him as the Ripper such as him being very sexist and have a strong dislike towards women. Though in reality it would’ve been revealed that he was actually gay. This possibly the first character I had a backstory to that I was never actually able to tell. However that’s kinda the point of these behind the scenes post, to be able to tell what we unable to convey in the actual comic.

Chapter 22 Update

Things aren’t looking very good as after seeing the poor woman and what’s happened to her. What is that Kalwa will see that might change her mind. Check it out on today’s update, click the thumbnail below.

Chapter 22 Page 19

I’m so sorry for the slight wait everyone. This page was supposed to to be up on Saturday but I had a couple of events distract me from working and then over the weekend I got busy with my work life and had trouble getting back to work. But we’re back with a new page and should hopefully get ourselves back on track with regular updates. Anyway enjoy the latest page now by clicking on the thumbnail below!

Raptor Practice

These are a few pages from the sketchbook that were essentially practice. This of course was back when we were planning for chapter 11 which of course featured raptors as the main antagonists. True tragedy of the world is despite the fact that I love dinosaurs, it’s always been a struggle to draw them. In fact I feel like I’ve spent too much time learning to draw humans and not enough time drawing animals or other creatures. Dinosaurs in particular have always been a challenge because of their long snouts and leg structure. I do own a lot of dinosaur toys, but most of them are preset posed figures with little to no articulation, so most shots I simply have to use my imagination and kinda draw the dinosaurs the way I think they’d look in a pose.

Fortunately, starting last year, Mattel has released more articulated dinosaur toys with their Jurassic Park Amber line which has provided me the dinosaur toys I always wanted and have really needed all these years. I would like to feature more dinosaurs in the story or at least feature them in artwork, so that would be even more chances to practice.

First Fan Art

This was originally posted probably earlier this year or maybe it was last year. This here was a little fan art I received from a fellow artist on Deviant Art. He was doing water color paintings and just needed a random subject, so he painted Kalwa. I was nearly brought to tears over the drawing, not only was this the first Kalwa fan art, but this was the first time I had received fan art for one of my characters. It also came at a great time, I remember having a particularly bad day that day until this artwork really lifted my spirits. I currently have this printed out and hanging on my wall.

Next page preview

So I really wanted to do another page in one day and have the next page up tomorrow. But fate had other plans in mind, and I got stuck doing other stuff that mostly kept me away from my computer. Still I did do a sketch up of the next page. I’ll be working on it a bit during the weekend and see if I can get this page up by Tuesday at the latest. So here’s a little preview of whats to come.