Pirate Hunter Sketches

So these are a couple of the early sketches to the pirate hunter crew from chapter 12 and 13. While Keleisha and Rodric mostly went unchanged (with the exception of Rodric’s eye becoming permanently closed), Harri’s design went through a few drafts. I initially wanted him to look like Orlando Bloom’s character from Pirates of the Caribbean, though also having some uniqueness so he didn’t come off as a flat out copy. However many of my designs I felt were coming too close (or being flat out copies) of some potential designs I had for Victor who had yet to make his debut at the time. So Harris received a large number of redesigns before finally settling on his current one.

Funny thing about this chapter, despite wanting to do it, I actually had very little idea of how to shape the story. The pirate arch was kinda a last minute addition I put in as I felt like having an additional story to further pad things out before we had Orestes return (as we didn’t have that many enemies at the time). I also wanted to introduce the fact that there were more phones and A-Tech themselves were using them, which would be a catalyst for the entire Kalwa saga. Though I had designed the characters and did have their personalities and stories planned out, I didn’t know how the story should go. Most of that was actually left to my co-writer who even provided their names. Only from his ideas was I able to finally drive the story to what we have today.

Soul Reaper Kalwa WIP

So I’m sure you all forgot about the Kalwa in anime series, because I know I did. But I recently just remembered it so here is the next entry. This is Soul Reaper Kalwa, that’s right, she’s in a Bleach outfit. Check back soon for more progress.

Chapter 22 Page 18

Sorry everyone for no update yesterday, but hopefully we can satisfy your day with a new page update for chapter 22. Kalwa’s obviously not very happy with the proposition bestowed on her, what’s her argument and how are the other members of the tribe taking it? Check it all out on the latest page update today by clicking the thumbnail.

Cassidy Sketch

This was the first sketch of Cassidy from the Desert Vixens. Her design was initially based on Revy from Black Lagoon, and since she was meant to be the toughest of all the girls, I really couldn’t help but draw her with six pack abs. In this image she isn’t wearing a bra, that was added in the next sketch. Since Cassidy hails from an indian tribe, which wore only selected clothing, she’s actually not shy about nudity, indicated in chapter 9 when she loses her vest and still fights on. Originally she wasn’t meant to wear a bra and her vest would have covered her privates, but I felt in time this would get to hard to do constantly. So she wound up getting a bra in the end.

Chapter 22 page 17

Sorry for no posts yesterday, it was a busy day around the house and running errands. Anyway, we got a brand new page up today for chapter 22. Last page you heard the big tale and request that was presented before Kalwa. Now today, what is her answer? Click the preview and find out in today’s page update.

Sketchbook practice

These were a few old pages I dug up in my sketchbook which were actually practices for actual comic pages! Back in the early days when I would get stuck on a pose or a camera angle shot, I’d usually practice in the sketchbook to draw the image I was imagining. This particular shot is from chapter 8 when Kalwa’s having her vicious fight with Rachel, as she cuts the whip and Rachel throws it away. Now day’s I mostly just have it all figured out when I’m doing layout. If I do usually get stuck on a particular shot I really just do multiple roughs and re-draws on the actual panel until I get it right. The upcoming page which I previewed yesterday is an example, I got a little stuck on the back show of Kalwa throwing her phone down, so that particular pose took a good while to make. I also tend to use my action figures to help make poses, though even they have limits. A good chunk of the time I’m simply using imagination and knowledge of human anatomy to do my work.

Update for today

So I know I was pretty quiet today on the site. Well I had noted on my personal facebook page that that might be the case. SDCC at home started today and I was exploring it a little bit, saw a nice documentary by Alex Ross. Plus I got kind of a Christmas load in the mail today and spent a large portion of the day rearrange and reorganizing my space. So between comic con and major re-works to my space, I kinda got worn down and drained for the day. However I did do a little bit of work on the next page which actually turned out to be very complicated. The image of Kalwa throwing her phone down took forever to get to, so I couldn’t really advance much. However here is an image of the work so far. It’s a bit of busy week for me and this next page won’t be up till sunday this week. However I will be giving out a few more sketches and concepts this week to help keep the site updated. More great stuff is coming very soon.

Dialogue art

So I was putting in reworked dialogue on chapter 2 and decided to share little shot right here and explain a little thing about creating comics. Over the course of writing and drawing Kalwa I’ve learned to get really artsy with text balloons. It’s kinda been a growing skill ever since we started this comic. One factor I’ve grown to work on doing is the use of text to guide the reader. In the old days, artists use to put arrows down to guide the reader from panel to panel, personally I’ve always hated that as I feel it basically gives up an artistic touch and it’s generally sloppy. One way I try to guide readers is the placement of text balloons, creating a chain of pet which will guide the reader across the page and follow the panel order that I intend, as can be demonstrated in this particular page right here.

One factor I’ve learned and have tried to exploit is to make the WHOLE page an artistic piece, not just a collection of individual pictures. I like to play around with placement and texts so that the entire page feels important, it’s actually an artistic method that can ONLY be done with wholes and can’t be done with individual panels that can found on websites like webtoons. This allows my comic and layouts to be unique and special and experience you can only get by reading my comics whole and not just on a panel by panel basis.

Chapter 22 page 16!

The tale has been told, but now comes the REQUEST? Why has Kalwa been brought before this group of individuals, what do they really want from her? The answer that will reshape this entire story is revealed TODAY in the latest page. Click the thumbnail below and see what’s going on!