Chapter 22 Page 9

So Kalwa’s now met this new group of characters all of which seem to have mysterious purpose. But who is there LEADER? That is who we will be meeting in today’s page update. Click the thumbnail below and find out.

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Sorry this one was late, it was a bit of heavy page with so many characters appearing on-screen. Nevertheless page 8 is up right now. Click the thumbnail to see all these new characters we are bringing along!

Creating Kalwa: Villains

There is no page update today. The next page is actually a highly crowded one with numerous characters, so I’m trying to pace myself. Should have the page up by Wednesday. But in the meantime, the Creating Kalwa blog has returned and this time the subject is villains!!! Find out about the villains that Kalwa has faced so far and how I go about writing these villains, Victor is excluded as he will have his own entry. Of course this only applies to the villains introduced thus far into the story, there will be continuous entry’s over the course of time as Kalwa faces more villains in future stories. Anyway, as always click the thumbnail below to read the journal.

Chapter 22 Page 6

An understanding has been established… for now. Who are these two and where are they leading Zack and Kalwa? Click the thumbnail below and read on in the latest chapter of the Kalwa saga.

Chapter Look Back Chapter 19

So we come now to the final chapter of the whitechappel arch, and this chapter is split into two sections: explaining away the mystery, and horrible terrifying chase.

So the last chapter revealed that there was actually two Jack the Rippers, however this chapter indicates there may have been many more and that in reality there is no LEGITIMATE Jack the Ripper, but rather it is merely a name floating around the paper. As I was winding this story down in writing, I felt this was ultimately what it would lead to, and give a reason as to why this case has never actually been solved. Indeed according to history, the infamous letter that was found at the crime scene was proven to not have been written by the killer himself, but rather an anonymous reporter who really just wanted to draw attention to the crimes. In fact it is highly possible that Whitechapel murders were really no different than any other crime, they were just overly exposed by the media. This particular fact was played for both the story and the reader.

Indeed in the modern world, media tends to always hype everything. Possibly things in the real world are only made worse by media coverage, which only can help fuel the fire. While I am not trying to say that all media is bad or fake, I am saying that it’s coverage can heighten certain things to the worst, in this case the Whitechapel murders. As explained in this chapter by Victor, his murder of Martha Tabram drew great attention and led to imitators and more murders throughout the town. In addition this arch has stated that there was also growing mistrust amongst the police. With so much going on around town and the fact that there wasn’t one particular individual committing all the murders, it would come as no surprise that this case was never solved.

As much as we tried to follow history with this arch, one small fictional fact was created in this story, the fact that Martha Tabram was jewish. This fact has never been stated in real life (course much of Tabram’s life is unknown), it was our one forged fact in order to draw racist individuals into the pool of chaos. It should also be noted that even though we explained who killed Martha Tabram and Mary Kelly, we never explained who specifically killed the other canonical victims, whether it was Victor, Mathis or someone else. As noted there were many imitators who took after Victor’s crimes, it could’ve been anyone who may have been able to properly copy his work.

Getting off the historical side of things, it’s worth talking about Victor himself and the events he set in motion. Victor was in a way based off my own feelings as an artist, with a dark twist. His character was actually based more on an article I read some time ago describing and amateur artist and a real artist. The article noted that real artists will stick to their craft and keep working, while an amateur artist constantly seeks attention and tries different things. Many of these qualities were actually transferred to Victor as a character. While Victor has the passion and the drive to be an artist, he never really works hard at it. He keeps changing his craft and never really hones it to the point of perfection, rather he is constantly concerned with making a living and getting attention. He finally started to get the attention he always wanted with his murders and that’s ultimately what led him down the path he was on. In many ways, Victor is a mentally ill individual who craves attention more than he does making something beautiful. More will be said on Victor when he comes to the Creating Kalwa journals and his future appearances in the story.

Finally worth noting was the impact of this chapter. As seen is later chapters, Kalwa is constantly haunted by her deadly encounter with Victor. With this chapter, it was meant to mark the end of an era, in which Kalwa meets an opponent that she CAN’T defeat. Kalwa has now experienced real danger of owning a time traveling phone and it’s left her in a terrible state. So this would be the set up to the long running arch that would shape the remainder of the Kalwa story. But more on that later, thanks for sticking by our chapter look backs on the Whitechapel arch, and we will be doing more chapter look backs in the future.


Chapter 22 Page 5

I’m so sorry everyone for running late this week. I had some things going on earlier this week and couldn’t finish page 5 so we are a day late on this one, but we do have page 5 of chapter 22 up and ready and the next page is already at rough stage. Click the thumbnail below and check out the newest page.