Chapter 21 Update!!!

New page is up on chapter 21 and Kalwa now finds there is more at stake this time than just HER life. See what’s going on by clicking the link and reading on below!!!

Reference Work

So just this weekend I received a critique about my art, and of course with everything I do, I’m always striving to improve my craft. So I’ve started practicing with reference and even incorporating it into the latest pages. Don’t mind the little selfie down below, I do often time photograph myself with the photo booth on the computer when I’m short on reference for a particular pose idea.

Victor Stalking

So I’m trying keep myself active not just at making comic updates but illustration as well. So every so often, I’ll be taking some time just to sketch a character and/or a full on illustration. Victor being one of my favorite design characters and the fact that I haven’t drawn him in color safe for the shadowy cover of chapter 19, made him an early choice for someone to draw.

Chapter 21 UPDATE!!!

Chapter 21 has now been updated pages 15 and 16 are now uploaded and live on the official site page. Zack and Kalwa are really in danger this time as their tracker has found them!!! Click the thumbnail and see what’s going on!


So yes, this was a little exercise to practice curves on the female figure, and I just came up with the idea of Kalwa doing the famous servicing pose from the Little Mermaid. I was actually using an original sketch of the scene as reference for this picture.

Chapter 21 Update!!!

Chapter 21 has now been updated, the first new page of 2020. We are now officially at the halfway point of this chapter and it is about to really take off. Zack now knows the truth, and Kalwa has made contact with the enemy in her own era. Be sure to click the thumb and see what’s going on!