Sketchbook Work: Old Kalwa Sketches

A couple of early sketches of Kalwa from the early days when the comic was first being developed. The first one features an upcoming plot line in which Kalwa receives a fold out Naginata which Reko develops for her to use in combat. Probably the final design will look a little more technical with more details. The second drawing is an early concept of Kalwa’s swimsuit which was first seen in chapter 1. Initially I wanted her to have a two piece swimsuit, but my co-writer suggested making it a one piece as at the time she was meant to be more conserved and more private, so it was decided to go with the second design. I came up with the idea of adding the streak so the swimsuit would appear less bland.

Sketchbook: Kalwa Swimsuit

Real early development on Kalwa’s swimsuit. Mostly it came together rather quickly, the only real change is that I initially wanted Kalwa to have a two piece suit, but my co-writer suggested making it a one piece to kinda show her more conserved nature at the time. One day maybe Kalwa will wear a two piece in the actual comic, but for now, you’ll just have to enjoy her colored pinups.

Chapter 21 is now on the official site.

We’ve recently had a fall out with Smackjeeves, their new website layout and lack of features that were previously enjoyed has made it difficult to operate on that site. So THIS will be the primary site for all things Kalwa, including individual chapters. Chapter 21 has now been uploaded to the website, with 10 pages plus a new 11th page. Click the cover below and read on what’s happing.