Sketchbook Dump Aug 29, 2019

So I’ve started bringing my sketchbook to work in an attempt to work on designs for future storylines. So every so often I’ll be doing a sketchbook dump to show you all a preview or at least a work in progress of what’s coming up.

Chapter 20 update!!!

Sorry I never got to do many updates this week, but now your getting double the updates. Pages 5 and 6 BOTH have been uploaded to the official page. Click the thumbnail to view the update now!

Chapter 20 WIP

Chapter 20’s script has officially been completed and the next cover will be up this Friday. For this chapter I actually had many different ideas on how to draw this. Ultimately the design I choose was inspired by Spider-Gwen Issue 8. Really excited to start inking and coloring it.

Kalwa’s First Fanart

I was absolutely excited and moved on Thursday when a Facebook friend sent me this image. This is the first fan art Kalwa or one one of my characters has ever received, and it really lit up my day. I’m humbly grateful for this and hope to keep inspiring.😇