WIP on Chapter 19 cover

The final chapter in the Whitechappel saga. I was going back and forth between what I wanted to convey with this cover, until I finally finished writing the chapter. I actually took myself a little inspiration from an infamous DC comic cover.

Creating Kalwa

A new section of this site is officially up. This comic has had a long history and one of my goals was always to make a series of journal entries documenting the long story in making this comic into a reality. And so, we’re finally starting it up right now. Click the picture below to go to the page.

Feedback and Comment Privileges Added

The comic pages as well as the art gallery now have comments enabled, so if you have anything to say about our work, you can now drop us a comment down below. In addition, we now have a feedback page installed, so if you have any feedback to give us, whether if be about the site, or products or anything, just click the logo pop on over to let us know.