Chapter 16’s Official Cover

A scary treat for Halloween, remember kids, don’t get slashed out there tonight!!!



Chapter 15 is now COMPLETE!!!

Another chapter is brought to a conclusion.  This one was a wild ride, having to both conclude Orestes’s story and do this business with Kalwa mourning for what’s happened to Zack.  This is a jump off point, the story only gets darker going forward, Chapter 16 is written and will start up later this week.


chapter 15

Production Art: Jack the Ripper

Of course the most important part of the Whitechapel arch is the Ripper himself.  Since the day Kalwa was started, it was always planned that she would come face to face with the Ripper, and designs on the character was practically a go from day one.  There were many inspirations for the characters design such as the The Scarecrow from DC’s Directs Alex Ross line, who wears an ominous bag mask hidden in the shadows of his hat.  DC’s Gotham by Gaslight design also inspired the character in which that version of the Jack the Ripper wore a bandana or at least some kind of wrappings around his face.  The Jack the Ripper from Assassins Creed was also pivotal in that that version wore a bag mask (the first time I had ever seen such a design from the character).  While the characters outfit has remained largely the same, it’s the face that has gone through many looks, mostly in an attempt to make him look scary and not give any hints to his real identity.  None of the picture below are the finished result, but rather many different tries at the design, little to say it’s been a lot.


Production Art: Chief Golderand

Chief Golderand (as the text describes) is based off of Actor Gary Chalk. He’s possibly best known for voicing Optimus Primal in Beast Wars and Optimus Prime in some Transformers cartoons. However I was inspired by his role as the police chief in Freddy Vs Jason as well his role as the principal in Scooby Doo the Mystery Begins. I was looking at pictures of the actor while drawing him, although I made some changes to avoid capturing the actor’s likeness perfectly.


golderand copy

Production Art: Gerald Bultern

Gerald Bultern is easily one of my favorite designs despite how terrible a person he is. Bultern owns a slaughterhouse and is an outspoken bigot against the jewish community, refusing to let them into his store and actually acknowledging that his own daughter was “dead” to him the moment she started dating a jew.
Like many of the characters I had an idea of what he should look like, but when made the finished product (the first image on the upper left) I thought the character looked too young, especially since his daughter is supposed to be a full grown adult. I also thought it would be better to have a grumpy older man as it would give him some history.
His character was actually a late comer to the arch, after I read about Jewish prejudice in WhiteChapel around the time of the murders. Racism will actually be a theme in the upcoming arch, with it being a key factor as to why the ripper murders have not been solved.
gerald copy