Chapter 14 is now COMPLETE!!!

You heard that right everyone, chapter 14 is now complete.  Chapter 15 will begin on Friday.



Kalwa and Will-Girlfriends for Life

So this quick little project was conceived after a recent Ask Me Anything segment.  Someone had asked me who I would like to see Kalwa meet from another comic, and the answer I came up with was Will Vandom from W.I.T.C.H.   I say Will because I feel that both Kalwa and Will have so much in common, and enough differences that they can learn from one another.  Both are girls from distant towns and their stories start when they just arrive in their new homes (Will in Heatherfield and Kalwa in Turku, Finland), both of them love collecting (Will loves to collect frogs, and Kalwa loves to collect antiques) and both of them even have similar fashion choices (which I only discovered while drawing this).  However they are different in that Will adapted to her new environment rather quickly while Kalwa has not, and likewise, Kalwa has a lot of confidence and is a very outspoken person while Will is more reserved and sensitive.  If these two every met, I could imagine them becoming best friends rather quickly and their personalities would bounce off each other.  So that’s when I came up with this little fan pairing.

Will Vandom is owned by Disney, Kalwa is owned by Green Raptor Studios (me).



Behind the Scenes: Jacob

Jacob was more of a character that my co-writer came up with.  He wasn’t part of the original story and kinda spawned out when Waylans was created.  I seem to recall that Jacob first came out when we were writing the scene in the bar when Waylans throws his knife to scare away the guy who was threatening Kalwa.  My initial plan was for Waylans to get up and get it himself, but Ryan suggested having a “little gopher boy” who would just go and get it for him.  From that whole scenario, Jacob came to life as Waylan’s little mute assistant.  When I was first given the name “Jacob” I envisioned him as being a small and nicely dressed kid (illustrated by the drawing on the right), thus he’d truly be a little assistant.  Somewhere along the line, I had the idea that Jacob wears a coat and boots that are clearly too big for him.  The general idea is that he wears them in hopes that one day he’d grow and fill them out someday, and hopes to be just like Waylans.  Ryan really liked the idea and it stuck with the character.

jacob copy copy